Hypnosis – What Should It Feel Like?

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Some of my clients ask me after a session of hypnosis if they “should” have felt this way or that way. And I suppose that’s natural really, isn’t it?

When we do something for the first time, we like to know that we’re “doing it right”. The interesting thing about hypnosis is that there’s no one way to “do it right”. There’s only your way of doing it.

Find out more about the hypnotic state and what it should feel like in this article.

It Is An Individual Experience

I have witnessed many people going into trance and I can honestly say that, from my observations, everyone does it differently. Some people experience a sort of floating sensation, others notice tingling sensations, or numb sensations, and others come out of the hypnotic experience and would say they have no memory at all of the past hour or however long they have been in hypnosis.

Hypnosis Misconceptions

Of course the big misconception here is that the hypnotist has control over this – in other words that what he’s suggesting is what’s controlling the whole experience. This is completely untrue. From my experience, my words help the process along, but the person themselves choose to go into trance – I cannot make that choice for them. They also choose the level of hypnosis they are comfortable with.

My Experiences Of Trance

My own experience of hypnosis might enlighten you a little bit more. When I experienced hypnosis first, I wasn’t really sure if I was hypnotised or not – and how would I have known anyway? Then the more and more I experienced hypnosis, the better I became at it. Most people don’t realise that hypnosis becomes better and better the more and more you experience it. As you become more comfortable with the idea of going into hypnosis, you can learn many more things about yourself and all of your inner strength and resources. You can learn to control many more things than you ever thought possible – pain relief, controlling your own allergies, reducing your asthma symptoms, reducing your inflammation, controlling your stress, anger, and so many more things that, right now, you might think are outside of your control.

Hypnosis can be a very important tool to use in your life, not just once, but often. I, personally, use my own self-hypnosis cd every single day. The difference for me is that I am less stressed, totally calm and in control, completely calm and motivated in my approach to life, and as a result I feel general feelings of wellbeing every day. But that’s just me. I wonder if you can think of how many ways you could improve your life with hypnosis? The answer to that question might just surprise you!

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