Is Weight Loss Surgery Your Only Option?

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weight loss surgery cork

When you have tried everything else, weight loss surgery can seem to be the only option to solve your obesity problem. Procedures such as liposuction and gastric band surgery immediately come to mind for many people.

However, as with any surgical procedure, there is a very definite risk attached, and some potential nasty consequences if it goes wrong and there are anecdotal stories of weight loss surgery that has gone wrong with serious and long-term health implications.

So is there another alternative? How about having a “virtual” gastric band fitted in hypnosis to help you eat less and feel fuller faster? Fascinated?

Weight Loss Surgery Alternative

Well you should be fascinated, because there is a procedure called HYPNO-BAND which provides a very real alternative to liposuction or gastric band surgery and it’ available now in Cork. Imagine if your subconscious mind could be convinced that you actually did have a gastric band fitted? Your subconscious mind would believe that your stomach had shrunk, and that it was no longer possible to eat the portions you had previously consumed. The effect would be that you would feel fuller faster, and because of this, you would eat less and still feel full and satisfied. In this way, you never feel as if you’re being deprived in any way, and the weight loss is automatic.

No Weight Loss Surgery Side-Effects!

Now lets think for a moment about the side-effects and the risks associated with Hypno-Band – actually, there are none. There is no general anaesthetic, there are no side effects, it costs only a fraction of the cost of actual surgery……it sounds really good, doesn’t it? Isn’t it time you enquired about Hypno-Band before you spend lots of your hard-earned money on weight loss surgery that might just endanger your health and wellbeing?

Find Out About HYPNO-BAND Now!

Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist is proud to introduce Hypno-Band to Cork as a natural alternative to weight loss surgery. For enquiries, please call Paul on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback.