Weight Loss Motivation Cork

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weight loss motivation cork

Weight Loss Motivation Cork – Many people have the motivation to lose weight at this time of year and there are many weight loss companies trying to sell the concept of “fast” weight loss. It’s as if weight loss is a goal in itself. So, in other words, you commit yourself to following a program for a certain amount of time in order to achieve a certain weight loss goal. Here’s the question most people forget to ask themselves – what happens next?

Motivation tends to wane away quickly and you end up putting back on all the weight you lost before. This happens because of starting with the wrong goal in mind.

Motivation For Weight Loss

Here’s what happens for most people – their period of deprivation has ended, their motivation has evaporated, and they reward themselves for having reached their weight loss target by going back to all of their old eating behaviours. Fascinating, isn’t it? And if you’ve followed weight loss programs before, this pattern may sound very familiar to you.

The logical conclusion from this is that you’ll never manage to be slim permanently using this method because you’ll always feel deprived while on the program and you’ll always return to your old habits after the program has finished. It’s like one big merry-go-round!Motivation

Motivation Cork – Lasting Weight Loss

There is a different approach! If you think of any successful person in any field, whether that be in business, on stage, etc., ask yourself how do they achieve what they achieve. The most successful people model their behaviour on someone who has successfully done it before. In other words, they find role models. So if you’d like to become thin and healthy for life, why not become interested in what thin, healthy people do and just use those as your role model? This, of course, immediately raises the question – do thin people ever eat meal replacement products? The answer is a resounding no! So if they don’t do it, and you’d like to be like them, then why not follow in their footsteps?

Naturally Thin Motivation

Naturally thin people have no emotional attachment to food – food is just fuel for the body – that’s all! They eat slowly in most cases and they stop when they are full. Simple.

For people who have practiced overeating for a large portion of their lives, some need extra help, and that’s where Hypno-Band is extremely useful. Using the HypnoBand process, the therapist convinces your unconscious mind that your stomach has shrunk, which makes you feel fuller faster, and you just naturally lose weight.

If you’d like to lose weight the naturally easy way, arrange your free assessment today. Call Paul now on 086 2666670 and take the weight off your mind.