Wedding Speech – Fear Of Public Speaking

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wedding speech nerves best man making a speech

Wedding Speech – Fear of public speaking is reckoned to be second only to a fear of death. And if you are the best man, groom, or father of the bride at a wedding in the near future, you may already be wondering how you’re going to survive it.

That speech at the wedding reception where you have to get to your feet and speak in front of an audience of family members and friends can be a terrifying prospect. The good news is that hypnosis is a wonderful way to overcome this, and any other fear.

Wedding Speech Nerves?

Even the thought of it may may you feel queasy in the stomach, you might even begin to feel your throat tightening, your mind going blank, and your knees feeling like they are about to collapse under you at any moment. It’s quite amazing how many people have a very serious fear of public speaking.

Your Fear – The Root Cause

It’s interesting to find the root cause of this fear and the answer can be quite amusing. With a number of my recent clients it has originated from events where they, for instance, had to stand up in class, as a child, and speak in front of the whole class, with a stern techer forcing them to answer. Now your memories of incidents like that can be very fuzzy and you may easily dismiss events like that as having anything to do with what you feel now. I find that what we learn as children tends to have a lasting effect on us and influences our behaviour into childhood even though we may be blissfully unaware of that most of the time.

Overcome The Wedding Speech Nerves

Hypnosis helps your fear of public speaking by regressing you back to the age where it all began and resolving the negative emotion that happened back then so that you can learn to be free of the fear of public speaking completely. It does take eight to ten sessions (one per week), but what would you prefer? Would you prefer to stand in front of the wedding party and feel all of that fear and panic? Or would you prefer to stand easily and calmly in front of them and deliver your speech in a calm and controlled way, and enjoy the experience?

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

If you’d like to free yourself from the fear of public speaking and feel calm and controlled while making that wedding speech, then contact Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist today. Call Paul now on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback