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Stress Management – Many of us have a very blasé attitude towards stress. How many times have you heard people saying “Oh, I’m stressed out!” and then having a laugh at it? So the impression might be created that stress is nothing much really. Stress is a quite misunderstood term, and it can range from a mild irritation to the kind of severe problem that can cause very serious health implications

Stress Management – Stress In Modern Ireland

In modern-day Ireland, we have adopted a very American lifestyle, where we get up in the morning, immediately rev up to 100mph and stay at that speed until we drop off to sleep at night. Human beings aren’t built to withstand constant high levels of stress. All you have to do is look back in history – for instance, 5,000 years ago, sleep temples were all the rage. This was where people went for a half hour or an hour each day to have a kind of guided meditation (a form of hypnosis) where they recharged their batteries. In the 21st century, the nearest equivalent to this would be Spain where they have a “siesta” in the middle of the day.

You’ve Changed My Life!

“I was self-employed and my business went bust because of the recession. I was under savage stress and I just couldn’t see any way out of all of the financial mess, but now I can cope again thanks to you, and I’m much more confident about facing the future.”
Bandon, Co. Cork.

Chronic Stress / Stress Disorder

Most of us can handle moderate amounts of stress, but chronic stress is emotionally, psychologically and physically damaging and difficult to live with. When this happens, it is called a stress disorder.  The problem is, most people don’t recognise chronic stress in their lives until it’s too late and the adverse health effects have already set in.

Feelings of real stress just seem to sap away our energy and vitality, leaving us with feelings of exhaustion and even depression, hypertension, increased risk of heart attack, insomnia, etc. This is why an effective strategy for stress reduction, stress relief and stress management is essential if we are to maintain our inner balance and well being.

Thanks For Giving Me My Life Back!

“I had this heavy feeling in my chest each day, felt exhausted all the time and nothing helped. The techniques I learned from you have completely changed the way I feel. Thanks for giving me my life back.”
Rochestown, Co. Cork

Stress Management – Side Effects Of Stress

Many people attempt to manage stress on an external level which can cause truly negative side effects and may lead to long-term health problems. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, quick-fix energy drinks, chocolate, cakes, and other short-term approaches offer only temporary distractions to the problem — and they all come at a price. They simply cannot provide what we so desperately need – real release from the endless spiral of stress.

Effective Stress Management With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

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The deep relaxation that is experienced through hypnosis greatly reduces stress, improving mood and cognitive function. Also, practising self-hypnosis may help reduce stress hormones and burn off excess levels of brain damaging cortisol. The good news is that skillful clinical hypnotherapy can help you find the root cause of your stress-filled behaviour, change that behaviour to a much more satisfying and positive response and learn easy and effective stress management techniques in a completely natural and drug-free way. (Please note: it is always appropriate in the first instance to consult your GP in advance of coming to see me)

Through hypnotherapy you can learn to respond in a more positive manner to the triggers of stress and free yourself from stress disorder, gaining real and lasting stress relief. So if you’re ready for a positive change, get in contact with us on 086 2666670 now to arrange your FREE initial consultation, or CLICK HERE to enquire online or arrange a free callback.