Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms Treatment Ireland

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social anxiety

Social anxiety can also be known as social anxiety disorder, or social phobia. Treatment for this can be extremely successful using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, allowing you to finally free youself from the chains of your isolating anxiety.

Social Anxiety And You

If you suffer from social anxiety, you might find that you experience anxiety symptoms in some or all social situations of everyday life. For some people, that can be most obvious in social situations, maybe in a pub or restaurant when meeting new people. Or you might be fine until you have to speak and perhaps then you feel awkward and that everyone’s looking at you or judging you. Some people find their anxiety has a negative effect on their work-life – preventing them from gaining promotion, or even causing doubt about their ability to do the job.

The ironic thing about people who suffer from social anxiety disorder is that they tend to have a higher than usual desire to make a good impression, to make their point successfully, or to appear to be just as good as the confident person in their company. Because of this, in their own mind, even more light is shone on their inadequacies, thus giving them even more proof that they are somehow socially inadequate, leading to even more anxiety. They can get a very keen sense that other people are observing them closely or judging them.

Your Symptoms

If you have identified with anything that I have previously described and you believe that you may suffer from social anxiety, some of the following symptoms may ring a bell for you. You may experience muscle tension, increased heart rate and dizziness to nausea, dry mouth, and breathlessness. However, of particular concern to them in social situations are the clearly visible signs of anxiety such as blushing, perspiring, shaking and stammering. For the socially anxious individual these visible symptoms of anxiety can also be potentially observed by others who may as before judge them as unacceptable or in some way ridiculous. Now, of course, in reality, those other individuals may not notice at all, however, the sufferer of believes they do, and that’s all that matters.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Here’s the great news – it is possible to free yourself from social anxiety through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Call Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist and avail of our free initial consultation – call Paul now on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to arrange a free callback