Sleep Problems And Insomnia Are Commonplace

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sleep problems and insomnia cork

Sleep Problems And Insomnia – A recent report by the Phillips Centre For Health And Wellbeing in the Netherlands revealed that as many as one in every three people report some problems with sleep.

Because the quality of your sleep impacts on how you feel when you are awake, this can be a big problem for many people. In cases of really poor sleeping patterns, it is quite normal to have other health conditions that are worsened by a lack of sleep. This is because sleep is part of our natural repair cycle in our bodies and when we do not get enough quality sleep to repair our bodies, we rapidly begin to feel out of sorts.

Sleep Problems And Thoughts

Many sleep problems stem from the inability to shut off your thoughts as you lay in the bed. This process is called rumination, and causes many people difficulty in drifting off to sleep. The method by which we go to sleep is just a program that our subconscious ind runs, where it automatically understands that when our heads hit the pillow and the light is switched off, that it is time to slow the thought processes and focus on one thought or visualisation. Most people do this automatically, not even being conscious of how the process works.

Overcoming Sleep Problems And Insomnia

For people who have sleep problems caused by rumination, that program has been deleted or altered so that they find it difficult to switch off all of those hundreds of thoughts from the day or the week. Some of this can be anxiety-related (being anxious or stressed over something or someone), but help is available. Hypnosis is the natural way to re-establish normal sleeping patterns and install a new program in your subconscious mind that helps you to get back to sleeping normally again in no time.

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation where you come along and meet with me for approximately an hour and we discuss your sleep problem in detail. Remember, even though you know everything about your sleep problem, it is unique to you and what you experience, other people with sleep problems may not experience in the same way. In order to tailor a programme specifically for your individual sleep problem, it is important that I take the time to understand all of the many aspects of it.

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