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Shyness is extremely common in Ireland. Perhaps it has something to do with our culture and the way in which parenting (and teaching) skills have been handed down from generations past. It’s almost as if we are taught from a young age not to be too confident

Many of us remember back to our childhoods and remember a time when we used to be shy. And for most of us, we kind of “outgrow” it.

For some people though, it may never go away and may even get worse, causing you to feel extremely uncomfortable in social situations.

How Does Shyness Start?

For some people, it starts in childhood, perhaps at a time they were made to feel the centre of attention and were “put on the spot”. This could happen in family situations or most likely at school where you may have been made to feel inadequate in front of a whole class. For others, there could be a particularly embarassing event where they felt they were being judged by others or rejected in some way by others – indeed being shy has sometimes been described as an intense fear of embarassment. Your particular shyness is individual to you but the one common thread running through everyone’s problem is that it can be overcome.

Shyness Symptoms

The typical symptoms of shyness are

  • muscle tension
  • nausea
  • blushing
  • sweating
  • increased heart rate
  • stammering
  • shaking
  • breathlessness.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of symptoms but tends to be the most commonly reported.

Overcoming Shyness

Hypnotherapy offers a quick and permanent solution to your shyness problem. We can “go back” using age regression in hypnosis to the original event where you learned to be shy and we can change your perspective on fear back then which will allow you to react in a completely different and more comfortable way today. The positive intention behind your shyness is good – perhaps its to protect you, or to help you avoid something. All your subconscious mind needs to understand is that it can still get those good benefits without having to do the old shyness symptoms any longer and once that happens, you’ll be free of your shyness problem forever.

Effective Shyness Treatment With Hypnotherapy

You can free yourself from your shyness and feel much more calm and confident in social situations with hypnotherapy. To find out more, call Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist today. Call Paul on 086 2666670, or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback.