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Sexual anxiety is quite common, however, many women have difficulty admitting it to themselves firstly. And even when you realise you have sexual problems, you may find it difficult to talk about it with your GP, knowing that you’ll have to go back to the same GP the next time you have a cold or flu.

Common Symptoms Of Female Sexual Anxiety

Female sexual issues generally tend to fall into one of three main categories:

  • Vaginismus – a problem where sex is painful, or even impossible due to a severe involuntary muscular contraction of the vagina
  • Anorgasmia – failure to reach orgasm, or failure to climax even if sex is enjoyable.
  • Frigidity – the correct medical term is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Normally associated with the avoidance of sexual intercourse, avoidance of sexual thoughts, lack of sexual desire, fear of intimacy, etc.

Important Note About Female Sexual Problems

With any sexual problem, it is always important to consult your GP first because in a small number of cases, sexual problems can be just a symptom of another condition. If you feel awkward about speaking to your regular GP about this issue, please find another GP to speak to in this regard. When your doctor has ruled out any problem other than anxiety, then hypnotherapy is an excellent choice.

Where Do Female Sexual Issues Originate?

Even in modern-day Ireland, there are still may cultural and societal taboos surrounding sexuality and sexual issues. Sometimes, things happen during childhood, when we first discover our sexuality, awkward, embarassing situations or things that were said about us or our bodies. Teenage years and that time of experimentation around puberty can cause fear or anxiety. Or maybe it was a previous dysfunctional relationship or secret guilt or shame. There could even be some confusion around sexual preference.

Effective Treatment With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from any of the sexual anxiety issues outlined above, you may be aware of the incident or incidents that caused you to start feeling this way, or alternatively, you may be completely unaware of what caused it. In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, we can easily go back and revisit those forgotten or partially forgotten memories that hold the key to why you continue to experience sexual problems.

Matters of this nature are always treated with the utmost care, sensitivity and confidentiality, and always with the understanding that many people find it difficult to talk about private matters of this nature. If you suffer from sexual anxiety because of any of the sexual issues mentioned previously, there really is no need to continue suffering in silence.

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