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Your sexual orientation can cause you confusion, guilt, shame and a host of other negative emotions. This tends to happen particularly when you stray from the socially and religiously acceptable “norm”. So what is “normal”? In my opinion, normal is what feels right for you, whether that means homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgendered or transvestite preferences. You have the right to be who you are!

Problems Caused By Sexual Preferences

Your sexual orientation may cause you problems because of your own beliefs and attitudes towards it. Or perhaps, problems may arise because of other people’s beliefs and attitudes, parents, friends, partners, work colleagues, etc. Religious, sporting and social organisations may also be intolerant and may even deny you the right to be part of their group because of your sexual preferences.

Negative Consequences Of Different Sexual Orientation

As you come to terms with your particular sexual orientation or preference, you may experience a range of negative emotions, including guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, a sense of loss or confusion, and even anger, sometimes self-directed anger. You may also experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

Effective Treatment With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from any of the negative emotions and sexual orientation confusion outlined above, you may be aware of the incident or incidents that caused you to start feeling this way, or alternatively, you may be completely unaware of what caused those negative emotions. In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, we can properly resolve any of those emotional issues that you may feel are holding you back from enjoying your right to your own individual sexuality.

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