Wedding Nerves

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It is perfectly normal to feel pre-wedding nerves, anxiety, stress or even cold feet.

There is just so much pressure around the wedding day itself – the pressure to ensure it’s perfect, the pressure of not forgetting anything or anyone, the pressure of speaking in public, the pressure of being at the centre of attention.

And the one thing that can get a bit lost in all of that pressure is the bride and grooms love for each other.

Wedding Nerves Symptoms

You may experience the classic stress symptoms such as

  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • irritability
  • comfort eating, etc.

On a more serious level, you may also experience anxiety symptoms such as

  • chest tightness
  • sweaty palms
  • nausea (a a feeling of a knot in your stomach)
  • palpitations, etc.

There are even some people whose wedding nerves turn into an irrational fear, or even a full-blown phobia such as commitment phobia.

What Are The Wedding Nerves About?

For many people there are a number of main reasons that they feel nervous.

  • fear that you’ll look really silly in front of other people – this fear can have its roots much earlier in your life, in some cases linked with bullying at school, or being made to feel embarrassed standing up in front of the class in school.
  • fear that you’ll be unable to say your vows, or that you’ll forget them
  • fear of standing up in front of people you know having to give a speech

Of course, there can also be more serious reasons such as not being totally sure if you want to marry your fiance / fiancee and feeling unable to communicate your concerns in advance of the day. In this case, as the day itself gets closer, it can feel as if all of the symptoms of anxiety increase also.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

In many of the simpler cases of wedding nerves, one session of hypnotherapy may be all that is needed to calm the nerves and allow you to get back to really enjoying the excitement and the celebration of your love for your partner. In more serious cases, eight to ten sessions may be required to finally overcome wedding nerves, stress or anxiety.

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