Postnatal Depression

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postnatal depression cork

Postnatal depression can affect as many as 15% to 20% of new mothers and can be at it’s most obvious by the time your baby reaches 4-6 months.

Postnatal depression is sometimes confused with the baby blues which is much more common but much more temporary in nature, normally just a couple of weeks duration in contrast with PND which can last months or even years if untreated.

What Causes Postnatal Depression?

The exact cause is unclear but here are some possibilities

  • unsatisfactory birth experience
  • change of lifestyle
  • change in relationship
  • stressful life events
  • media images of “perfect mothers”

Symptoms Of Postnatal Depression

Some symptoms can include

  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • sleep problems
  • tiredness
  • lack of concentration
  • loss of appetite
  • comfort eating
  • feeling close to tears
  • obsessive behaviours.

What To Do Next

The information supplied here on this website is for information purposes only and should not be used to “self-diagnose”. If you suspect you may be suffering from postnatal depression, your should immediately consult your GP and get appropriate medical treatment. Any form of talking therapy such as hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in getting you back to a happier state of mind in conjunction with treatment from your doctor.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can, in a very short timeframe, help to resolve the emotional issues that underpin your PND and help you to achieve a happier frame of mind. Hypnotherapy can be very effective when used in combination with appropriate medical treatment, and I am happy to work in co-operation with your GP (with your permission, or course).

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