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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can develop following involvement in a critical incident such as a life-threatening assault or traffic accident. PTSD can also develop among people who witnessed these events. While the traumatic incident is happening, many people can feel intense fear, helplessness, horror and a sense of being overwhelmed and unable to cope. It’s difficult to predict who will develop PTSD after such an incident, and not everyone will do so. In some people PTSD develops soon after the trauma. It’s not unusual, however, to see a delayed onset of symptoms, sometimes months or even years after the initial trauma.

People That Are At Risk From PTSD

  • Emergency services personnel including paramedics, accident and emergency staff, gardai, firefighters, etc.
  • Survivors of road traffic accidents
  • Rape victims, victims of child abuse, etc.

Common Symptoms Of PTSD

  • Recurring and intrusive thoughts and memories surrounding the incident. Flashbacks can happen and these can be distressing.
  • Avoidance – this is when people try to avoid anything that reminds them of the incident. This includes thoughts, conversations, associated places, people, activities, or anything that may trigger memories of the trauma. A common trigger is reports in the media, especially at anniversaries of the incidents.
  • A feeling of emotional numbness and feeling isolation from others. Some people report that nothing seems real any more. Relationships with those close to you may be adversely affected.
  • You maylose interest in previously enjoyable activities and only be able to look on the negative or dark side of life.
  • Hypersensitivity – can include irritability and temper outbursts.

The important thing to remember about PTSD is that it is a perfectly normal reaction to an abnormal event, which is outside the range of normal experience.

“I was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago. Even with medication, I still didn’t feel right. I had some memory of what happened but some bits were missing. You’ve helped me to fill in the gaps and to finally realise deep within me that it wasn’t my fault. I feel so much better now – life seems like a brighter, happier place.” S.D., Glanmire

Effective Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

The aim of treatment is not to wipe away the memories. What happened has happened and that can’t be changed. The aim is to desensitise the memory so it no longer causes you distress. We all have unpleasant or disturbing memories but they don’t interfere with our day to day lives. Successful treatment for post traumatic stress disorder will return you to a state where you can function well in your day to day life without the distress you previously experienced.

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