Lose Weight Fast – Is It Healthy?

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Is it healthy to lose weight fast? Many fad diets advertise seemingly miraculous weight loss over very short periods of time. And there is obviously a market for that with people who are desperate for a quick fix.

When you have a weight problem, you naturally want to lose weight fast in order to get to that target weight so that you can look better, feel better and fit into those slimmer, better looking clothes as soon as possible. But the big question is –  is it healthy to lose weight so quickly? Or does it reduce your ability to burn fat in the future and have lots of unseen detrimental effects to your health?

Lose Weight Fast vs Healthy Weight Loss

Doctors and nutritionists the world over will tell you that healthy weight loss is two to three pounds a week. That’s all! So if you want to maintain your target weight for the rest of your life, this is a really important guideline. The reason it is so important is that if you are losing more than two to three pounds a week, there is a danger that you are losing muscle mass instead (or as well as) fat. Muscle mass is your body’s ability to burn fat. By reducing your muscle mass, you are making life much more difficult for yourself in future because you’ll be able to burn less fat, meaning you’ll find it harder and harder to lose weight as time goes by.

Lose Weight With HYPNOBAND

As part of the Hypno-Band program, we always stress the importance of sticking to that healthy guideline of two to three pounds a week because weight loss is not about the short term and reaching that target weight – it really is much more about maintaining your target weight once you get there. My favourite saying that I pass on to all of my clients is that “it’s a marathon – not a sprint”

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