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Many of us wake up in the morning, immediately rev up to 100mph and spend the whole day at that speed until we eventually go to bed.

The human being is not built to withstand prolonged stress and actually thrives on regular periods of “down-time” or relaxation.

In fact, many people today actually suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep problems. Insomnia is a very common complaint in modern day Ireland.

We All Need Proper Sleep

Sleep is a time when our bodies regenerate and repair themselves, both mentally and physically. When we experience good sleep, we awake feeling refreshed and re-energised. When we have sleep problems, that repair and regeneration does not happen to the same degree.

Consequences Of Insomnia / Sleep Problems

Inability to get to sleep can cause a host of unwanted side effects such as depression, becoming run down, experiencing concentration problems, and becoming generally negative and irritable. Lack of sleep can also elevate the stress hormone cortisol, which can affect your mood, and sleep deprivation can also cause you to gain weight due to hormonal changes. In extreme cases, chronic insomnia or sleep problems can negatively affect your life expectancy.

Why Do You Suffer From Insomnia / Sleep Problems

Insomnia or sleep problems are often caused by your mind’s inability to switch off. This is a process called “rumination”, where you constantly run over the worries and cares of the day in your mind, or even worry about upcoming events. By contrast, people who sleep normally unconsciously associate going to the bedroom with going to sleep very quickly, and leaving any thoughts or worries or cares outside the bedroom door.

Effective Treatment For Insomnia Using Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

Because of it’s very nature, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, very close to that of sleep, so going into hypnosis is like a training course for normal sleep. We’ll investigate those “root causes” that started your insomnia and resolve any emotional issues, teach you new sleep strategies in hypnosis, and So if you’re tired of not being able to sleep properly and overcoming your sleep problem is your goal, hypnotherapy can be a great help.

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