If you’ve had fertility problems or difficulty conceiving and you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, hypnosis can double your chances of conceiving and can more than double your chances when combined with appropriate medical treatment.

How Stress Can Cause Infertility

When you begin trying to conceive, it can be fun, but the more time that elapses without you becoming pregnant, the more anxious you can become and the more doubts can cross your mind. You may get frustrated, blame your partner, feel pressured by your partner, your friends and your family. Then there’s the worry – the worry that you may be able to have a child, the worry that the clock is ticking, you’re running out of time, etc. A stressful job, feelings of guilt, maybe unresolved feelings about a previous abortion or miscarriage, or other negative emotions can adversely affact your ability to conceive easily. Stress affects the pituitary gland which regulates hormones in your body and there is now scientific proof of the link between infertility and stress.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

There are a number of aspects to hypnotherapy to overcome infertility. First of all, we need to resolve any negative emotions that you and / or your partner are experiencing. Secondly, we create the ideal emotional setting to allow you the maximum chance of conceiving. This includes teaching you how to de-stress and access feelings of deep calm and safety.

If you’d like to overcome your unexplained infertility and give yourself the best chance of conceiving easily and naturally, then hypnosis and hypnotherapy for fertility can help.

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