Inferiority Complex Cork

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inferiority cork

If you’ve told yourself that you’re not pretty enough or smart enough or thin enough or maybe just not good enough, then you may be suffering from an inferiority complex. Hypnotherapy can help you to free yourself from your complex and get on with living a happy and fulfilled life.

Symptoms Of Inferiority Complex

  • Comparing yourself unfavourably to others
  • Feelings of resentment towards others
  • Feelings of alienation
  • Irritability or agression
  • Isolating yourself from others

Causes Of Inferiority

There can be many reasons for feeling inferior, common reasons are incidents of rejection by family or friends or unreasonably high expectations from parents. Inferiority complexes often form during childhood and can be difficult to overcome without appropriate treatment. People with this problem often tell themselves

  1. They should be as good as others
  2. They are not as good as others

Generally speaking this problem begins when you perceive that there is something different about you that makes you feel inferior (typically you’ll believe that this “difference” is a disadvantage.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you to easily find and resolve those incidents that are the root cause of your inferiority complex. It typically takes eight to twelve weekly sessions of hypnotherapy to successfully overcome an this problem.

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