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A recent article from Johns Hopkins University states “The most promising alternative therapy for irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) is gut-directed hypnosis (also called hypnotherapy).”

Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The most promising alternative therapy for irritable bowel syndrome is gut-directed hypnosis (also called hypnotherapy). During a series of weekly sessions, a therapist guides you through relaxation exercises. When you reach a state of deep relaxation, the therapist suggests imagery and sensations to help you with specific symptoms. In a recent study, about 70% of 250 people with irritable bowel syndrome had at least a moderate improvement in their symptoms with hypnotherapy. The participants also reported needing less medication and fewer doctor visits. Another study found that 80% of those who responded to hypnotherapy maintained their improvement for up to six years.

How Does It Work For IBS?

Hypnotherapy likely works by relaxing smooth muscles and relieving psychological stress, both of which may alleviate symptoms. We simply get you to imagine vividly that those muscles are calming and settling and that any link between anxiety and your gut is now minimised to the same level as other people who do not have this syndrome. we also target any background thought patterns (eg, worry) that may be triggering this response and help you to find new healthy ways of dealing with events or situations that previously triggered symptoms. If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, it’s important to find a therapist who experienced in successful irritable bowel syndrome treatment.

My Experience

I have treated many people with IBS successfully over the many years I have spent as a hypnotherapist in the Cork area and many of those clients have been either successfully free of the symptoms of ibs for years now, or else their symptoms have dramatically reduced.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

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