Hypnosis Myths

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hypnosis myths

Hypnosis Myths – The word “hypnosis” generates reactions in people varying from real genuine interest to very real fear. I always find it amusing to see the reactions of people who are genuinely afraid of hypnosis. It is based on a complete misunderstanding of what hypnosis really is because of some of those hypnosis myths. It’s time to put the record straight.

Hypnosis is simply an inbuilt natural skill that all human beings have to a greater or lesser extent. It has been hi-jacked over the years by showmen, sensationalised on TV and in film and as a result, many people have been deprived of a wonderful natural healing tool.

Hypnosis Myths – What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that most people naturally experience during their daily lives. Fascinating, isn’t it? Because the people who are afraid of hypnosis would probably never believe that! It is true though, and there are many examples of it that I can tell you about. For instance, when you read a book or a newspaper article and you “get lost” in the story, so much so that if someone walks into the room, you barely notice them because you so much more interested in reading what you are reading. Another example of it is when you daydream. You could be on a bus or a train, or a passenger in a car, staring out the window into nothing and as some people describe it – “away in a world of your own”.

Hypnosis Myths – Why Are Some People Afraid Of Hypnosis?

Probably a reason why some people can be afraid of hypnosis is because of the impression created by stage hypnotists who exploit hypnosis myths. They purposefully give the impression that they are in control of your mind and that they can make you do weird and wonderful things. While it makes for really good entertainment, and I have to confess to enjoying hypnosis stage shows myself, it also does the state of hypnosis a disservice by making people afraid of hypnosis.

The Benefits Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help us tap into the huge power of our subconscious minds. This can be hugely sugnificant when change is required. People who suffer from severe anxiety related disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, ocd, depression and chronic insomnia can learn to overcome their problems in a very short space of time using hypnosis. I believe that part of the reason why people fear hypnosis is the fear of letting someone else inside their heads to control them. When I hear that, I have to laugh. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I can honestly say that I have never hypnotised anybody – I have helped plent of people to hypnotise themselves though, and that’s is a very important difference.

I Have Never Hypnotised Anyone!

I always liken myself to the guy who’s holding the torch as you’re walking along a dark path. I don’t do the walking for you – I just hold the torch and show you the way. It’s the same with hypnosis – I don’t hypnotise you, I just show you how to do it, and if you allow it to happen, you will experience it to the level that you choose.

So if you have an anxiety-related problem, such as panic attacks, general anxiety disorder, ocd, chronic insomnia, etc., why not use one of the most powerful tools that you already have at your disposal? You have the power and the ability within you to overcome your problem, and I can show you how using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There really is nothing at all to be afraid of – a lot of what you may have heard about hypnosis is just hypnosis myths!

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