Guilt / Guilty Feelings

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Guilty feelings can make you feel worthless, small, insecure and can make the future seem hopeless. Whatever it is you have guilty feelings about, even if you believe that you deserve to feel this guilt, it can seem like as if you’re pushing a rock up a hill.

You may even logically tell yourself it’s time to move on, and yet maybe it’s still not happening. That’s where hypnotherapy can help you to successfully overcome those limitations in your thinking and your beliefs so that you can move forward and finally put down the burden of your guilt.

Guilt Symptoms

Some common symptoms of excessively guilty feelings can be

  • loss of appetite
  • depression
  • lack of enjoyment of life
  • feeling you deserve to feel this way
  • self-punishment
  • thoughts about self-harm or harming others
  • constantly reliving the event associated with the guilty feelings
  • insomnia
  • wishing you could change the past
  • suicidal thoughts,etc.

Excessively guilty feelings can range from mild to serious, and the most important thing you can do is to seek help to free yourself of the negative and destructive feelings.

Why Does It Feel Like This?

Guilty feelings are a product of our conditioning. That simply means what we were trained to believe by our parents, our teachers, our religion, etc. Our concept of “right” and “wrong” come from back then. Also, our belief about what we are responsible for and who we are responsible for comes from what we witnessed our parents doing – for instance, if your father was an alcoholic and your mother constantly talked to others about how its not his fault and if she worries about him constantly and makes excuses for him constantly, you as a child witnessing this learn an interesting lesson about taking responsibility for other peoples problems.

Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Some aspects of the origins of your guilt may be repressed, or forgotten, the emotions encoded within faded memories from the past. Hypnotherapy can help you to remember vividly, not only the details but also the emotions associated with those events that are the root cause of your guilty feelings. By going back to the root cause of the problem, we can resolve the emotion back there, where it started and you can free yourself forever from those negative feelings.

Do Something About Your Guilty Feelings TODAY!

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