Food Addiction Cork

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food addiction cork

Food Addiction Cork – People who are addicted to food share some common ground with drug and alcohol addicts in that they can develop a physical, mental and emotional craving for food and also suffer from a chemical addiction to certain foods.

Like all addictions, food addiction can be overcome. It takes being honest with yourself, admitting your problem to yourself and getting appropriate help. Hypnotherapy can successfully help you to free yourself from your food addiction by removing pleasurable associations with certain foods and resolving whatever emotions are being soothed currently by food.

Food Addiction Cork – Is This You?

  • Are you obssessed with food?
  • Do you feel a lack of self-control around food?
  • Does eating result in a cycle of bingeing?
  • Do you associate a sense of pleasure or comfort with food?
  • Are you unable to stop using food for comfort or pleasure?
  • Do you have physical cravings for food?

Food Addiction Cork – Is It Time To Change?

  • Have you tried and failed to control your eating?
  • Do you hide food or secretly binge?
  • Do you feel guilty after eating?
  • Is your weight adversely affecting your way of life?

Food Addiction Cork – Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you to take control again. By identifying which emotions are being currently satisfied or soothed with food, we can give you new and more satisfying ways of dealing with those emotions. We can also remove pleasurable associations and feeling from the eating of certain types of foods and teach you stress reduction techniques using self-hypnosis. It does take some commitment on your behalf, to change. I cannot change your mind. I can, however, make your choices much more powerful by using the resources of your own powerful subconscious mind.

Food Addiction Cork – If you are ready to finally free yourself from food addiction, achieve a better body image and a happier life, get the help of Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist. Call Paul today on 086 2666670 to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to arrange a free callback.