Session Fees

My sessions fees are as follows

Standard Hypnotherapy / EFT Session – €95

If your issue is anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, etc., then this is the session fee that relates to you. Whether you prefer hypnotherapy or EFT, this is the standard session fee. Your session fees may be paid in cash on the day of your appointment or online (see link below) at least 24 hours before appointment time. So that we have time to ensure that payment has been received, we ask that you do not pay online on the actual day of the appointment.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy – €250

You’ll receive a two hour stop smoking hypnosis session which includes a free personalised hypnotherapy cd which you must listen to at home for a minimum of 30 days after your appointment. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR stop smoking hypnosis session MUST be prepaid. As a result on failing to prepay, we cannot reserve your appointment time unless payment in full is confirmed at the time of booking your appointment.

HypnoBand Weight Loss Programme (5 sessions) – €500

This is the package price for 5 hypnotherapy sessions. This includes the fitting of your HYPNOBAND gastric band in Session 4. Also included are the accompanying hypnotherapy cd’s. If you are paying online, payment must be made in full at the time of booking your first appointment. Please CONTACT ME to let me know if you intend to pay online

Free Initial Consultation

YOU CAN AVAIL OF A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION for all problems / issues except for Stop Smoking Hypnosis. So, to arrange your free initial consultation, please CLICK HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to turn up for your allotted appointment time, you will forfeit your entire payment. If you have a really good reason (eg. family emergency, accident, etc.), the hypnotherapist may, at his sole discretion, agree to re-arrange the appointment time for you on the agreement that a small re-booking fee will be charged to cover expenses. Therefore, when you book any appointment with us, you are deemed to be in agreement with these terms.