Fear Of Success

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Do you suffer from a fear of success or have a phobia about success? Has it been holding you back from achieving your full potential? Have you been engaging in self-sabotage simply because of this fear?

That may sound strange but you may identify with it. If you do, you can free yourself from this all too common fear through hypnotherapy and get back to living the happy and positive life you deserve

Fear Of Success Symptoms

Do you find that something always seems to “get in your way”? Do you feel you may not be worth the success that lies ahead? Do you suffer from self-doubt, self-esteem issues or self-confidence problems? Do you fear the unknown, the unfamiliar, or even change itself? If any of these ring a bell for you, you may be suffering from a fear of success.

Causes Of Fear

Fearing success can often spring from a belief that if you allow yourself to enjoy success, you’ll just be disappointed because it’ll all come to an end at some stage. Not knowing how to express yourself properly, being quiet and insular, or being incapable of dealing with pressure can also lead to a fear of success.

The background reasons for those limiting beliefs can stem from any number of past experiences. Perhaps you had over-critical or overly strict parents. Perhaps it was something a teacher said or did. Or maybe it all started because of bullying by your peers when you were younger, or maybe something nasty that someone said about you, or perhaps even a conclusion that you arrived at years ago and learned to believe about yourself which is just simply not true.

What Does Fear Of Success Lead To?

Fear of success can lead to

  • self-sabotage
  • negative or pessimistic thinking
  • underachieving
  • self destructive behaviour.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

You can free yourself from fear of success or success phobia, and all of the negative and damaging thought patterns that go hand in hand with it through hypnotherapy and NLP from Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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