Fear Of Sexual Abuse

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fear of sexual abuse cork

Fear Of Sexual Abuse can also be known as Agraphobia or Contreltophobia and can originate in inappropriate touching during childhood, or perhaps as a result of sexual abuse, or even as a result of media reports. Fear of sexual abuse is common to both males and females and can appear at any age.

Fear originates in the subconscious mind – in other words we have little or no conscious control over it – it just happens. Because of this many people feel that this fear is outside of their control. Hypnotherapy uses the power of your own subconscious mind to overcome the fear and replace it with calm feelings of control, helping you to feel much better and happier in your everyday life.

Causes Of Fear Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a violation of personal space and also a violation of trust. It has a very deep effect on the victim and hurts them at the very core of their personality. It is common, for instance for a sexual abuse victim to report that they feel “unclean” after what has happened to them. It is always devastating, no matter what age the individual is when the abuse happens, but it can be even more damaging when it happens during childhood because the child may not be able to express their emotions in the way that an adult can.

Symptoms Of Fear Of Sexual Abuse

Because of the violation of trust during the act of sexual abuse, the victim may become distrustful of others and you may find that when you are alone in one-to-one situations with strangers that you become tense or nervous. Physical manifestations of your fear or phobia are similar to those of other phobias and can include –

  • trembling
  • nervousness
  • excessive sweating
  • headaches
  • tightness in the chest
  • faster breathing or hyperventilation
  • faster heartbeat or palpitations

Fear Of Sexual Abuse – What To Do First

It is important not to jump to conclusions or self-diagnose because the symptoms mentioned above can also be signals of another health problem. It is important to always seek the advice of your GP first. When other potential causes have been ruled out and you are certain that your problem is a phobic response, then hypnotherapy can successfully help.

Fear Of Sexual Abuse – Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a very successful method of overcoming most fears and phobias. Working together, we’ll find that “root cause” memory or event and change the emotional impact of that so that it no longer helps you to trigger feelings of anxiety or fear today. You can overcome your fear of sexual abuse, no matter how severe!

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you get to meet with me for roughly an hour and we discuss your fear or phobia in great detail so that I understand exactly how you do your fear. This in-depth understanding of the problems helps me to help you much more effectively. During this FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, what you can expect, how many sessions it will take, etc., so that you are completely satisfied that hypnotherapy will work for you before you commit yourself to going ahead.


When you are ready to overcome your fear of the sexual abuse, get the help of Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist. Call Paul today on 086 2666670 to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback