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The fear of speaking in public is one the the most common fears in the entire world, so if you suffer from this, you’re in very good company. Many polls and surveys the worlds over have placed the fear of public speaking as being second only to the fear of death. It can affect anyone, from people you’d least expect, like actors and singers, to people who regularly have to speak in a court-room, to people who have to stand up and make a speech at a wedding.

In extreme cases, the very thought of having to stand up and speak in front of a crowd, can cause a person to become physically sick. A recent client of mine who is a legal professional who has to stand up in court and speak most days, used to go to the bathroom and vomit before every court appearance.

Why Is Fear Of Public Speaking So Strong?

When you experience anxiety and panic at the thought of having to stand up and speak in public, you are likely to be worried about getting it wrong, losing your train of thought, afraid you’ll come across as boring, fail in some way, and have a load of witnesses to this failure.

Where Does Fear Of Public Speaking Start?

It may well be as the result of some traumatic or embarrassing incident in the past, perhaps as far back as your childhood or teenage years. Some people are aware of what this incident is, others are not consciously aware of what that is. This specific incident where you felt as if everyone was watching you and where you felt deep embarrassment, has become generalised to other situations where you may be called upon to speak in front of a group of people.

Effective Treatment With Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

Like all fears and phobias, those automatic anxious feelings have a root cause and once we find that, we can replace that negative automatic response with positive feelings of calmness and confidence, allowing to even enjoy the experience of public speaking in future.

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