Fear Of Pregnancy

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fear of pregnancy cork

Many women have a fear of pregnancy, some even have a phobia regarding getting pregnant, labour pains, and childbirth itself.

For some, this can be related to control issues and feeling that certain things are beyond their control. Some may have had traumatic experiences previously and fear the same thing will happen again. For women who have never been pregnant before, hearing traumatic stories from other family members or friends can cause them to feel panicky or fearful.

The great news is that you can overcome these fearful feelings with hypnotherapy

Fear Of Pregnancy Symptoms

You may feel

  • butterflies in your stomach
  • tightness in your chest
  • sweaty palms
  • increased irritability

in fact you may experience any of the classic signs of fear or anxiety.

Fear Of Pregnancy Causes

Many of the classic fear symptoms that some women feel when thinking about being pregnant or giving birth can have their roots in other experiences in their life. It is quite common for this fear to have its root in situations or experiences where you learned to be extremely uncomfortable when things were outside your control. The most difficult thing to appreciate is that your first experience of things being outside of your control may have nothing whatsoever to do with being pregnant or giving birth.

And for other women who fear being pregnant, it is quite simple to find the root cause. Some people have very vivid imaginations and when they hear stories from friends or relatives about traumatic birth experiences, they imagine it so vividly that their inner mind believes it to be a real experience and associates fear with it.

Overcoming Fear With Hypnotherapy

Your inner mind (or your subconscious mind) is in charge of producing automatic feelings or emotions. You have very little conscious control over your fear because of this very fact. That’s why hypnosis works so well to overcome irrational fears – because through the relaxed state of hypnosis, we bypass your conscious mind and work directly with your unconscious mind, the place where the fear is generated.

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