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Fear of heights (or acrophobia), is extremely common. While it’s perfectly natural to have a healthy respect for heights in order to protect ourselves, those who suffer from a fear of heights have an extreme and irrational fear. It can range from a significant nervousness all the way to an extreme and irrational fear of being in high places. Indeed for a person who suffers the most extreme form of this phobia, a “high place” might only be a couple of feet off the ground, like standing on a chair, or a couple of rungs up a ladder.

Common Symptoms Of Fear Of Heights

Acrophobia (or fear of heights) shares many symptoms in common with other fears or phobias. Many people experience dizziness, feelings of faintness, a sudden and rapid decrease in blood pressure, increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweaty palms, and feeling sickness or nausea.

Negative Consequences Of Acrophobia

If you suffer from this fear, you may experience how limiting it can be. It may affect not only your daily life, but also your choice of holiday location, it may have an impact on visiting friends and relatives, and it may even impact on those you work with and even your choice of career.

What Causes Fear Of Heights?

Usually, people who suffer from this fear have had a traumatic experience sometime in their past which they either may, or may not, be able to recall. In some cases, people with a this fear can have first experienced that fear “second-hand”, maybe from someone else’s stories or recollections.

Effective Treatment For Irrational Fear With Hypnotherapy

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we can go back to the time that traumatic incident happened and change that automatic response that causes fear and anxiety at the thought of, or experience of heights. In doing so, you can free you from that limiting fear and anxiety.

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