Fear Of Flying Treatment With Hypnosis

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If you have a fear of flying or get anxious at the thought of getting on a plane, you might find this story interesting and it may give you the hope that your fear can be overcome just as easily.

A recent fear of flying client of mine had told me that she experienced what could only be described as a full-blown panic attack the last time she walked up the steps of an aeroplane.

She recalled being almost catatonic with fear, grabbing onto the handrail for dear life and refusing point blank to enter the aeroplane (which of course left the stewardess with an interesting problem).

Fear Of Flying Clients Story

During one particular session, as she was in hypnosis, I told her to imagine being in an airport, imagining everything vividly, so that she really felt that she was there. Then I asked her to check in and wait at her boarding gate. Next, she walked out onto the runway and walked towards the plane, feeling the wind in her face. I walked her slowly up the steps of the plane as if it was really happening and then I got her to pause at the top of the steps and just touch the outside of the aeroplane with her outstretched palm. It was at this stage she nearly hyperventilated there in the chair as she was in hypnosis.

Reducing Her Fear

Gradually over the next half an hour, we took her anxiety gradually down from 10 out of 10 eventually all the way down to zero. Eventually, she could walk up the steps and touch the surface of the plane without feeling any anxiousness at all.

Your imagination is a powerful too for change and many people just don’t know that their imagination is the key to overcoming their fear of flying. It does take a little bit of commitment – you will have to commit to coming to see your hypnotherapist once a week for eight to ten weeks and gradually you’ll find you can completely let go of that old fear and be free of it forever.

Overcoming Your Fear Of Flying

If you’d like to be free from your fear of flying and you can come to my clinic in Cork once a week for eight to ten weeks, then call me now on 086 2666670 for more details of how you can join the growing number of people who are free from their fear of flying with hypnosis. Or, if you’d prefer, you can CLICK HERE to enquire online or to avail of a free callback.