Fear Of Failure Phobia Causes Symptoms Treatment

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You can free yourself from your fear of failure, overcome your failure phobia and finally embrace success and achievement by finding the causes, understanding the symptoms and having effective treatment with hypnotherapy for your fear of failure.

Many people have this limiting fear that holds them back from achieving the success they deserve. It can have it’s roots in childhood in some of the experiences you had back then with parents, teachers or other kids.

Fear Of Failure Explained

What is failure? Failure is a concept that we learn as young children, in situations such as being reprimanded by our parents over doing something “wrongly”, being made to feel different in class when we answer incorrectly, being sarcastically criticised by our peers, etc. As a society, it seems to be a cultural norm to teach this concept called failure from a young age. Perhaps the adult world is structured in a way that strongly enforces the concept of punishment for failure, or consequences of failure.

The interesting thing is that without “failure”, none of the great successes of world history would ever have occurred – for instance, it took Thomas Edison 2,000 attempts to make the light bulb and when he was asked how it felt to fail 1999 times, he replied – “I didn’t fail. I successfully figured out 1999 times how not to make a light bulb”

Perhaps the lesson from Thomas Edison is this – when we finally accept that it’s ok to fail, only then do we open the door to success.

Symptoms Of Fear Of Failure

You can experience all of the usual symptoms that any fear can produce, depending on the severity of your fear. These could be

  • procrastination
  • indecision
  • anxiety
  • panic, etc.

Fear of failure can also be linked with low self-esteem, low self-confidence and even depression.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

You can free yourself from your fear of failure with the help of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and NLP. Call Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist today and finally free yourself from your fear of failure. Call Paul on 086 2666670 now or
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