fear of the dentist cork

Even with recent improvements in pain control at the dentists, a very large amount of people would admit to having a very real fear of the dentist. Dental phobia and dental anxiety is much more widespread than you might think – all you have to do is ask a dentist.

Fear Of Dentist Causes Problems

Now we all acknowledge that it’s really important to have good dental health. However, fear of the dentist or a dental phobia, can prevent you from making that appointment that you know you should in order to prevent tooth decay, infected gums and dental pain. Individuals who suffer from this fear may often prefer to tolerate these things rather than go to the dentist.

Reluctance (or refusal) to go to the dentist can result in difficulty chewing food, pain from cracked fillings, bad breath, etc. Bad breath due to a dental problem in particular, can cause confidence and self-esteem problems as time goes by.

Where Does Dental Phobia / Fear Come From?

Each person has their own source, or “root cause”. Possible causes can be previous negative experiences, crunching sounds, things other people have said about their own bad experiences, etc.

Effective Dental Fear / Phobia Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has a long history of being a very effective treatment for your dental fear or anxiety. So if you’d like to finally be free of your fear of dentists, call Paul today on 086 2666670 and arrange your FREE initial consultation, or CLICK HERE to enquire online right now, or to arrange a free callback.