Fear Of Being Sick

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fear of being sick cork

The fear of being sick, or vomiting, or puking, is a surprisingly common fear. Also known as emetophobia, it usually begins in childhood, possibly with a traumatic experience that involves being sick and maybe being seen by others or suddenly becoming aware of the overpowering smell, etc.

As with many fears, the symptoms are subconscious in nature and just happen automatically. Because this fear originates in the past and causes anxiety, hypnotherapy can help you successfully overcome it.

Fear Of Being Sick And You

So, what triggers the fear of being sick? Here are some typical triggers

  • the sight of vomit
  • the sight of themselves or others vomiting
  • the sounds of retching
  • the smell of vomit
  • thoughts about the physical feelings of vomiting.

These are by no means the only triggers that can instigate your fear symptoms but they are the most common that I have come across.

How Does Fear Of Getting Sick Begin?

It really is completely individual, however most people develop this fear during an event or situation where vomiting caused fear in some way. For many people it starts during childhood, perhaps in the very first event where you vomited or else perhaps during a particularly bad sickness where you vomited so much that you may have had problems breathing.

Other feelings that can be associated with this fear are feelings of guilt or shame in some way, especially if your vomiting episode was witnessed by other members of the family or friends. And I have also had certain cases of this fear where the vomiting became a test of the mother or father to see if they would react with the level of care that the child requires.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can effectively help you to overcome this fear permanently, using the power of your own subconscious mind to change those automatic responses and triggers. For effective treatment with hypnotherapy, call Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback