client testimonials

All of the following client testimonials are on file and the clients in question have given their written permission for their comments to be used on this website. Due to reasons of client confidentiality and because of the sensitivity and personal nature of some of the problems, client names have been altered to preserve their anonimity.

Client Testimonials

“I found Paul to be very patient and felt that none of the sessions were rushed at any stage. I am definitely on the road to recovery. I have learnt a lot of techniques to continue using in the future and I have a much more positive outlook towards everything.”
N.W., Douglas, Cork – insomnia problem.

” I am much more confident in everyday life, and in the bedroom. Very satisfied with my outcome.”
B.D., Carrigaline, Co. Cork – premature ejaculation and general confidence problem.

“I am 100% delighted with my decision to come to see Paul. My depression is gone and I feel completely in control of my life again and so much happier and more positive.”
F. H., Donoughmore, Co. Cork – clinical depression and suicidal thoughts

“I am very satisfied with the outcome. Excellent. Thanks for the help.”
N.L., Mayfield, Cork – depression and lack of direction

“It was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about myself and hypnotherapy has helped in so many areas of my life, especially with my obsessive thinking. Paul has a great way of listening and turning every negative into a positive.”
D. T., Blarney, Co. Cork – depression, obssessive thoughts, suicidal thoughts

“HYPNOBAND has changed my life. I am just back from holidays. It’s been five weeks since I originally came to see you and I’ve lost 14lbs already. I am thrilled.”
Y. N., Mitchelstown, Co. Cork – obesity problem (5 stone to lose)

“During one of the HYPNOBAND sessions, I discovered that there was a lot of bottled-up grief which was stopping me losing weight. Once that was dealt with, I felt so much lighter already. It was like a weight had lifted and I was now free to lose weight. I find it funny now that I feel a little flutter in my stomach muscles every so often that reminds me I have my HYPNOBAND fitted. I’ve already lost 3 stone and it was so easy. You’ve changed my life and I am so grateful. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever lose weight.”
T.N., Bandon, Co. Cork. – obesity problem (7 stone to lose)

“I had a really bad fear of flying, so bad I used to have a full-blown panic attack in the airport before even boarding the flight. I’m just back from Amsterdam after a wonderful weekend and I can hardly believe how relaxed the flight was. I had no fear or panic at all and actually enjoyed the experience. I am so glad I came to see you.”
N.T., Little Island, Cork – fear of flying

“I smoked 30 a day for the best part of 40 years. I only came to see you because a friend convinced me to. I didn’t really think you could help me but I said I’d try it anyway. It’s now one year on and I still haven’t had a craving for a cigarette and haven’t touched one since that day in your office. I feel great being an ex-smoker and it’s all due to you. Thank you so much. Not only have you saved me a small fortune but my nagging cough is gone, my breathing is way better and I feel so much more energy. I can’t recommend you highly enough.”
B.E., Midleton, Co. Cork – smoking

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