Asthma Natural Treatment

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There are currently over 470,000 asthma sufferers in Ireland which is quite a significant percentage of the total population. It has been suggested that our damp climate doesn’t help some sufferers and for many of us, there’s not much we can do about that. There are, however, ways in which we can make the asthma attack experience less traumatic and hopefully reduce the severity of the attack in future.

The condition affects the respiratory system when the muscles around the airway walls tighten and narrow with the lining of the small airways to the lungs (the bronchioles) becoming inflamed and swollen which causes difficulty in breathing. The experience of having difficulty breathing can cause fear and anxiety in certain cases.

Types Of Asthma

Extrinsic Asthma is when the immune system responds to external allergens of one sort or another such as dust, pollen, mites, animals, certain foods, etc.

Intrinsic Asthma is when the trigger is anything except an allergy – examples are laughter, social occasions, stress, arguments, etc.


  • No-one knows exactly what causes the condition but it is quite common and affects over 470,000 Irish people.
  • It typically begins in childhood, although not in all cases.
  • It is quite common for this condition to run in families.
  • Modern lifestyle is suspected to be linked with an increase in its prevalence.


Typical symptoms found in a person diagnosed with asthma are coughing, wheezing, breathlessness and tight feelings in the chest.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Because you may experience anxiety and panic related to the inability to breathe, hypnotherapy can help the sufferer to regain a sense of control. Also, sufferers can know, from previous incidents, that certain conditions can lead to an asthma attack and because of this, the expectation of the attack can help to contribute to the onset of an attack in some cases. By teaching methods of controlling the panicky emotions associated with an asthma attack, asthma sufferers can experience relief through feelings of enhanced control and calmness.

PLEASE NOTE: Hypnotherapy is a very useful tool to use as part of an asthmatics resources to help deal with and potentially reduce the impact of asthma symptoms by helping to remove the panic and enhance feelings of relaxation and control. Hypnotherapy should never be used as an alternative to proper medical treatment and Access Hypnotherapy insists that all asthma patients undertake hypnotherapy with the approval of their GP.

You can learn to relax and significantly reduce feelings of panic and anxiety associated with asthma attacks with the help of Cork’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist. Call Paul today on 086 2666670 or CLICK HERE to enquire online or to request a free callback.