Cork Anger Problem Clients Road Rage

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Anger Problem – One of the most interesting cases of anger management that I have ever had to deal with in my practice in Cork is a client who suffered from severe road rage. By the time the client came to see me, he was seriously worried that he was going to get into a confrontation and get arrested for attacking someone.

His road rage was so severe that, after some other driver had cut him off or done something to annoy him, he used to beat his head against the steering wheel in blind rage often for twenty minutes at a time and he was quite obviously becoming a risk to himself and others

Treatment For Anger Problem With Hypnosis

This particular clients case illustrates very clearly how effective hypnotherapy and hypnosis can be in overcoming anger management and control issues. First of all, I taught him some simple and effective techniques to lower his level of anger whenever he chose. Just practicing these gave him an immediate sense of control of what had previously been believed to be outside his control. We also went searching for the “root cause” of his anger problem. It is often said that anger is a secondary emotion, masking the real emotion – perhaps abandonment, dysfunctional relationships with parent while growing up, traumatic events that caused embarrassment and doubt, etc.

Symptoms And Causes

While the symptoms of an anger problem are normally easily identifiable, the causes can be interesting and even surprising. Each of us has our own “life story” and no-one experiences life events in exactly the same way. Because of this, our childhood influences are completely different, and affect us in our daily lives today in many different way.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy In Cork

Anger is a completely natural emotion, so the appropriate treatment is to acknowledge the anger rather than to suppress it, to find the root cause rather than to ignore it and to learn new ways of identifying and dealing with negative emotions. Because hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state, it is ideal for a person who is suffering an anger problem.

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